Thursday, 17 April 2014


Just want to share things that i have done for my assignment which is Intro to Human Science's subject. It's actually a little bit awkward bleerrrghhh FOR ME to shoot this video. I am not an actor, it feels like i'm mmm i don't know how to express it. Acting is not easy you know ! Lepas buat video baru tahu betapa tough nya nak bercakap, expression muka, feels kena ada. Ahhh weird weird sangat weird.

kacang je. For me lah.
BERLAKON ? belakon or berlakon ? someone please correct me.
My bahasa malayu is so bad.
Haa acting, a big NOOOOOO for me ! sobs sobs but
Alhamdulillah, we manage to get high marks for this video because of creativity, good explanations regarding the video during presentation's day, clear voice and good acting. Ah yes, madam cakap, good acting.

"Who thought that Mahallah Aisyah's stairs can be a club ?"  Well sampai harini terngiang ngiang ayat ni di kepala mek bila lecturer mek puji kreativiti kami. Thank you madam. You made my day.

Enjoy !

And thank you sudi tengok. Babai ! 

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  1. such a cute Lily..hahaha. you are acting well dear..


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