Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Assalamualaikum tak jawab dosa ;P
Today I'm feeling like want to post a new entry yah right because of my promises to you, my dear readers huhu. What is there to be told huh ? Ohh ya, that Perhentian Island last day thing, yahhh finally yeayyy. *highfive*

Oh so you know, I went there for 3 days and 2 night. The last day, what activities we're doing is that, kayakking I dont know what is the word for "berkayak" in english ihihihihi although I'm a student of English courses. Shame on you, lilysssssss grrrrr ! Okay, huh the first thing that we do in the morning is that kayak thing. This is my first time rocking that canoe, swishing there and there with the pendayung thing. Haha.

Actually, it is hard to handle the canoe with the waves and the sea breeze. But I enjoyed it.
We booked this canoe for MYR25 and you can use it only for one hour. Then, we had our breakfast.
Anddddd here it is ..... that make my face burnt badly huh

Been to the island, of course you need to dip in yourself into the crystal clear water. I loved it muchoooooo. We swim for 2 hours oh god only we people, do swim in the sea for couple of hours. Crazyy right ? We squishing, splashing the water and took some photo underwater. It was really fun. Dont ever feeling like going home that day. But, we need to. 

Muka maintain putih tangan hitam woi :p

Can also wash your laundry for 8 bucks per kg 

And yeah that all from me, for this time entry. Hope you like it. Teehee.

Dan satu reminders untuk korang, kalau nak naik bot masa balik or time nak gi pulau ke, dont ever naik bot masa peak hours okay >? Mengelakkan korang heart attack bila ombak besar bump into your boat. I dah merasa, memang terbaik ah experience dia. Maybe kalau MH370 jatuh ke dalam lautan hindi dengan ombak lagi ganas dari pulau pehentian pun, no wonder mereka pun tak terselamat. Yang pasti, I dah promise dengan diri sendiri tanak naik bot dah waktu petang. Scaryyyyyyyyy. 

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