Friday, 11 July 2014



Been a while since my last update huh ? Sorry. Quite busy lately since this is my last semester in Centre for Foundation Studies. Seriously I hope so. I cant wait to end up my studies here since all my buddies had graduated early and left me alone in campus. Devastated, it is all my feelings that I can assure you. But actually, I am just fine being alone. Sometimes, we need space to be alone too right ?

Okay, this time, why the heck it have to be thoughtsy friday ? I have been thinking for quite long. And I think my blog is the best place where I can jotted down all the things that is being floating here and there in my mind. Like my lecturer used to say in my drama class lately, we do need a piece of paper and a pen to write down all the unsatisfied and emotional states because it seems that we cannot apprehend it anymore by keeping it inside forever. We do have Lord to gratify ourselves, but for me, after you have succumb all the undesirable feeling that continually lingered in your heart to Lord, the best thing after that just let it be and find the calmness in yourself. Only then you can have all the tranquility you needed. That is all for this update, I hope that you all enjoyed this month of Ramadhan, be grateful always and may our sincere ibadah will be accepted by Allah swt.

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