Thursday, 28 August 2014


A blog post to stand a chance win a pair of VVIP ticket to the movie premiere As Above So Below organized by Nuffnang MY at TGV Cinema, One Utama which is on 9th September 2014 (Wednesday). Eventhough I dont have luck to win this ticket, I eventually can update my blog but I do hope that I can win just to have an experience going to one of the Nuffnang's event. Maybe I can meet some new friends who are enthusiastic like me ? Last few month, I got an invitations from Nuffnang to join their trip to Malacca for visiting a factory but unluckily, I've got some matters to do at my hometown in Kelantan.

So, in order to win, I need to do a review about how are my feelings would be to watch this movie !
Yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. After watching the trailer As Above So Below on You Tube, I kind of freakin out because it is creepy to see someone possess by a demon ? I know about the synopsis a little bit by reading the descriptions on the link above. At the same time, I am excited to watch the movie because I want to discover what is the best thing or how thrilled this movie would offer to the audience. When a team of explorers ventures into the catacombs that lie beneath the streets of Paris, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead. Well, how cliche it might sound when you watch a scary movie filled with surreal images and you are there, screaming like crazy ? How ridiculous I might be, but I want to be one of the people screaming and crying in fright. Haha. 

Well, hope I can win this. 

Monday, 25 August 2014


So here is my little update of what im doing this weekend. Yes, i went to laman seni 7 with my friends. I took some photo with my phone and no dslr camera this time sobs sobs. Bcoz i dont owned a savvy camera doesnt mean I cant snap some photo right > he he he you know, laman seni 7 is splendidly amazing with its creative art all over the building and street. I often posted my ootd here hehehe im sorry I love it. Sorry not so sorry okay ? haha. Girls, behave. Lately, im obsessed over eye liner and bb cream. BB cream from Elianto give a perfect complexion on my skin and I cant stand it make my face fabulously flawless. That is why for the first time in forever I posted along my selfie and also forgive that crappy eyebag too okay ? 

It turned out I make some friends there from UiTM n9

Rush over one umbrella even there is another piece on

The kemeja my friends praised me for. I make it myself (diy) I got that oversized shirt from my brother cupboard, cut the arm and voila, i have a shirt to cover on my body because of that skinny jeans. Impressed ? Want to try make some of them ? If you cannot find some shirt to cut, you can find it at bundle store. Im pretty confident that you can have it for 5 ringgits only. Yah, since im not a fan of branded clothes so I always went to bundle and buy couple of clothes then I adjust it as I wished. For that, you need to have sewing skills. 

 Sandal from FOS at discount price.

Embrace yourself with ma selfie hehe -.-

Last words from me, only you can stop global warming and dont let the ice cream melt OKAY ? Hehe thank you for reading my entry. 
xiexie, and kiss dahi satu.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Previous shot taken during the month of ramadhan and I loved this photo so much because of that particular jubah. So light and soft the material. I forgot to upload this photo for you guys to see because I am a little bit frustrated with my iphone. She wont let me post the picture on instagram because the cabel is broken I think. Urgghhh I need to buy the new one I guess. Hah so excited to tell you guys that I will collaborate with my friend, Rafidah who are so popular on instagram to join photoshoot  for my shirt SOMETHINK. I loike her because she is stylo and sweet at the same time using hijab. As far as I would dream to have a model who conduct an islamic dress up to be featured as our official face for SOMETHINK. Business, but still the religion is number one we should put our blessing for. 

Cant wait to update more, well insha Allah the photoshoot shot will be updated soon if we have already done. Hope to see you guys again, thanks for reading my entry. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Assalamualaikum, hi .
Oh I wish I could have more OOTD photos to upload.
I intend to do updates regularly, at least one new blog post per week, but it did'nt turned like the way I want, obviously. Sorry. Plus, I am really really lazy to edit my photo even it is my own photo.

Well, again, I wish I could take my own photo using a timer, but it is impossible right ? Still I need someone to click on the camera for me. At first, my intentions for blogging is that I can everyday write something, maybe a story, but it really turned out into photo blogging as I just discovered my new interest in photography. Not that I am the expert one using DSLR but I am the one werking the pose, eventually.
Hope this little update can swish away dust from my blog.

Saturday, 2 August 2014


Recently, we have celebrated Hari Raya right ? How is it the celebrations at your house ? Merrier or not ? Hehe, i love Hari Raya because I can eat a lot and I can go to open house too. Hope your raya brings you joy and barakah after the month of ramadhan.

Okay, for those who have followed me on instagram must noticed that i have launched a clothing brand name SOMETHINK. I have posted an entry before about somethink, and I guess you guys know about it. Long time and no updates from me, I feel a little bit guilty. Hehe, its not that I dont have time, but I dont spare my time to sit back and update my blogs for you. Sorry, okay here the thing, many entry need to post after this, but i choose to update this one first. My shots with my boyfriend for the somethink promotions on instagram. We managed to pull out long sleeves as requested by many people. My hope that, people will notice our brand and we succeed to save budgets for our wedding day.

Please, grant me supports okay, you good people.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy and see my next updates soon.

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