Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Assalamualaikum, hi .
Oh I wish I could have more OOTD photos to upload.
I intend to do updates regularly, at least one new blog post per week, but it did'nt turned like the way I want, obviously. Sorry. Plus, I am really really lazy to edit my photo even it is my own photo.

Well, again, I wish I could take my own photo using a timer, but it is impossible right ? Still I need someone to click on the camera for me. At first, my intentions for blogging is that I can everyday write something, maybe a story, but it really turned out into photo blogging as I just discovered my new interest in photography. Not that I am the expert one using DSLR but I am the one werking the pose, eventually.
Hope this little update can swish away dust from my blog.

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