Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Previous shot taken during the month of ramadhan and I loved this photo so much because of that particular jubah. So light and soft the material. I forgot to upload this photo for you guys to see because I am a little bit frustrated with my iphone. She wont let me post the picture on instagram because the cabel is broken I think. Urgghhh I need to buy the new one I guess. Hah so excited to tell you guys that I will collaborate with my friend, Rafidah who are so popular on instagram to join photoshoot  for my shirt SOMETHINK. I loike her because she is stylo and sweet at the same time using hijab. As far as I would dream to have a model who conduct an islamic dress up to be featured as our official face for SOMETHINK. Business, but still the religion is number one we should put our blessing for. 

Cant wait to update more, well insha Allah the photoshoot shot will be updated soon if we have already done. Hope to see you guys again, thanks for reading my entry. 

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