Monday, 25 August 2014


So here is my little update of what im doing this weekend. Yes, i went to laman seni 7 with my friends. I took some photo with my phone and no dslr camera this time sobs sobs. Bcoz i dont owned a savvy camera doesnt mean I cant snap some photo right > he he he you know, laman seni 7 is splendidly amazing with its creative art all over the building and street. I often posted my ootd here hehehe im sorry I love it. Sorry not so sorry okay ? haha. Girls, behave. Lately, im obsessed over eye liner and bb cream. BB cream from Elianto give a perfect complexion on my skin and I cant stand it make my face fabulously flawless. That is why for the first time in forever I posted along my selfie and also forgive that crappy eyebag too okay ? 

It turned out I make some friends there from UiTM n9

Rush over one umbrella even there is another piece on

The kemeja my friends praised me for. I make it myself (diy) I got that oversized shirt from my brother cupboard, cut the arm and voila, i have a shirt to cover on my body because of that skinny jeans. Impressed ? Want to try make some of them ? If you cannot find some shirt to cut, you can find it at bundle store. Im pretty confident that you can have it for 5 ringgits only. Yah, since im not a fan of branded clothes so I always went to bundle and buy couple of clothes then I adjust it as I wished. For that, you need to have sewing skills. 

 Sandal from FOS at discount price.

Embrace yourself with ma selfie hehe -.-

Last words from me, only you can stop global warming and dont let the ice cream melt OKAY ? Hehe thank you for reading my entry. 
xiexie, and kiss dahi satu.


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