Saturday, 2 August 2014


Recently, we have celebrated Hari Raya right ? How is it the celebrations at your house ? Merrier or not ? Hehe, i love Hari Raya because I can eat a lot and I can go to open house too. Hope your raya brings you joy and barakah after the month of ramadhan.

Okay, for those who have followed me on instagram must noticed that i have launched a clothing brand name SOMETHINK. I have posted an entry before about somethink, and I guess you guys know about it. Long time and no updates from me, I feel a little bit guilty. Hehe, its not that I dont have time, but I dont spare my time to sit back and update my blogs for you. Sorry, okay here the thing, many entry need to post after this, but i choose to update this one first. My shots with my boyfriend for the somethink promotions on instagram. We managed to pull out long sleeves as requested by many people. My hope that, people will notice our brand and we succeed to save budgets for our wedding day.

Please, grant me supports okay, you good people.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy and see my next updates soon.

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