Saturday, 13 September 2014


A little bit update from the other day photoshoot with my best-friend from middle school aka ZTILUTPII and my instagram friend, RAFIDAH. That day we shot a bunch of pictures to be uploaded on my instagram shop account, @SOMETHINKBYLILY. I truly love somethink, it means everything to me. I hope with it, I can be succeed one day. Insha Allah.

Right now, somethink is kinda promoting the new shirt which is volume 4. So, we decided to promote our shirt by offering free photoshoot to everybody who want us to take their pictures. I mean us is basically, le partner and I. Yes, I have already mentioned it before right my partner is the official photographer for somethink. So, the photo can be viewed under le hashtag #ootdsomethink as you can see they all donning somethink's shirt.

 I still remember the first time we launched SOMETHINK SHIRT. That time around, we only printed 10 to 20 pieces. Just to see, how much respond we have from the customer. Volume 1 only have one colour at first and that would be white. Alhamdulillah, after I take some photo at the beach, edited and upload it at my own instagram, we managed to sell them all. Now, believe it or not ? We have come out with 4 design of somethink shirt. 

Just a simple design. Because who would want a shirt full with pictures ? Well, there is one but I just prefer a simple one. Actually, it is not me who designed the shirt. It is my other partner hard work but I am the one who take away all the credits. Im sorry, pal. Not ma fault either. Who are the one who put the instagram name as SOMETHINKBYLILY ? haha.

 I shall give the big attributions to my friends, Rafidah and Ztilutpii. Hope that they can promote somethink a little bit "bersungguh" for me. I hope. 

Ini aksi bajet sweet katanya haha. But, we had a good time together that evening.

The picture came out too smooth right > hah I truly love the new camera / upgrade from 7D canon to 6D. Haha so better be watch out girls, more amazing picture way to upload after zis. Hah, I cant waitttttttttt.

Last words from me, dont forget to buy somethink new design okay > ? And submit your photo to me to be uploaded on the instagram shop SOMETHINKBYLILY. Have faith in Allah, as Him is the best Giver Ever. Percaya pada rezeki ada di mana-mana. 

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