Monday, 6 October 2014


So here  it is, my craziness starts to gear up again. Haha, well I seriously need to update yes I have said it already I miss blogging sho bad. Plus, I don't consume too much time to write up a blog post. Ten minutes would be fine if the internet is super duper fast. Here, my update of what I am doing on my study week. Haha, not studying but procrastinating snapping some photo yeah right. 

The photo during my visit to Malacca had been left behind, I will find a way to upload it after this. But, this one, need to have a quick update because I love the outfit, the sky so blue above me, and the weather is doing fine. So, here it is the photo have been upload on my instagram yeah actually a lot more on Viscaria Pictures instagram. A photo courtesy I would say. 

Me wearing NYX Matte Pink Colour Lipstick. Sho In Loved With It. Mwah Kiss Ma Lips Baby.

A happy birthday girl turns 20 today at 6th October. 

Nice weather keep me happy as I can have a good photo taken. I would be very sad if I have prepared myself to wear a cute outfit to snap some photo, then suddenly the rain came. Mood will be seriously upside down nobody can stand when I am in rage. Its not that I questioned why Allah give rain when after that I know we have a rainbow to look into, but please let me take an OOTD first, yes no ? Hehehe. Silly Lily. 

I guess that is all for today, happy bornday to maself yeay 
 im 20 now. Thanks to who ever had wished me have a bless day ahead be a happy and good muslimah. Private messages me on Facebook, really appreciated it even you guys dont give me presents, yes a big fat THANK YOU ALLS. I lafffffffffffff you to the moon and back. Blessed you ma sissy and bro-in law had treated me sushi this evening for ma birthday. And oh, ma niece sang me a sweet HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG THIS MORNING. Ahaha, made me smile right after I woke up from bed. Its just perfect to start a day. Even it is just a simple celebrations, it is everything to make a memory.

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