Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I may look happy but in the inside? 
Only He knows. 

Why am I so slow when it comes to update my blog?
my laptop was broken. 
All files in my laptop are gone. Forever.
Can you imagine how devastated I am right now?
I thought I would save some good photo to upload later when I have the time to sit back and relax then sign in to blog. 
Make a new blogpost. Yasssss that was  the actual thing I want to do. But, I cant.

Later, I brought my laptop to the store. Maybe I could safe half of the folders inside, but the more I put HOPE on that matter, the more heart-broken I was. The  hard-disk inside just collapsed and all the files cannot be retrieved anymore. DAMN!

Last words from me, dont ever put trust on the technology. Try to avoid them, maybe you can find some new alternative by print all the photo and bought a photo album. Traditional way is way more safer I think. Or ya, maybe you can try cloud backups using the internet.

Nah, I got my lessons at least. Now, I try my best not too over-think bout it. 

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