Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Sometimes, I find it quite intimidating when pairing your outfits with the different patterns.
The result came out amazing. Stripes and plaid plus another corak on that tudung lama belongs to my mother in law. She wanted to throw away that tudung but I insisted on want to have it and she just said yes. Because you know my hobbies on picking something which are cuter and of course, affordable. Haha, but not too affordable because I only got it for free. 
Vintage Bintage. Easy Peasy to match it with any kind of outfits. 
This shot was taking quite a month ago, and I forgot to make a blog post out of it. Not to mentioned it was only just for documentating things, le photo obviously because if anything happens to my lappy ever again, I would have my blog for a backup!

I love this tudung and that serene background!

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