Thursday, 11 June 2015

23 MARCH 2015

 after a while, only today i have the urges to post a new entry because im too bored at home plus i have already promise to my friends and family to post my wedding picture. 
this photo was taken after our solemnization day, not our wedding. 
if you are my loyal followers on instagram you would supposedly know that i only held my wedding 2 months after which is on 1st June. 

well it is because of time, i am a full time student part timer housewife so i dont have free time like other people to plan my wedding like usual. 
i need to follow my class timetable, when is the proper time to held our wedding ceremony.

to postpone the solemnization? no I dont want it because it will disturb all the planning that had already been planned by our family. 
so during the mid semester break, while everyone are busy enjoying themselves on vacation to some beautiful places, me? is busy for becoming someone else wife. 
all in a sudden, I post a picture on instagram telling people like zis "saya sudah,anda bila lagi?" AJET-AJET surprise. 
everyone was like, OMG lily brahim married? and to my dearest friends who are not knowing that I am going to get married that day, I am so sorry for not informing you earlier, I have my own reasons I hope you understand it and please, please dont put the blame on me. 

for today entry, I think that is all. 
for my wedding pictures, i will post another entry okay? see you then, thank you for reading. 
      r m          

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