Thursday, 18 June 2015


FUJI xPro1!  
I WAS SO happy after awhile I have been saving my money to buy a new camera to shoot photo on my own self without depending on my husband to capture my OOTD on daily basis. My husband were here in kelantan while I was at IIUM gombak pursuing my studies.

I dont do OOTD using my phone camera because it is no HD for me. Yeah, for someone who are used to shoot picture for professional result wont look at some crappy phone camera. It sound quite boasty here but I seriously take my OOTD for like my life, my own self pleasure. It is not that my phone was no helpful at all, yes it is okay because it is IP5 camera but hell no, still it cant satisfy me.

Another reason for me to buy a camera because I want to take photography like seriously into professional one. That is why I make a very hard decision on choosing my camera. Purchasing stuff that can cost you thousand ringgits makes you really need to choose wisely. Apart from that, my husband's opinion for what camera I can buy, really help me solved my dilemma. Thank you,hubby!
so he suggested me to try make research on my new baby, fuji camera! It is pro, it is very pricey, it is good at some point where it have very sleek body which I can seep into my handbag nicely. Not to mention, I dont need to bring big bulky DSLR into my handbag and of course, it is HEAVY!

so here it is, the result from my FUJI xpro1! MANUALLY function, I need to study more about it. 


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