Saturday, 25 July 2015


Before I went to the clinic, my instinct constantly telling me that I am pregnant. I dont know why, it is just that feeling. I dont put that in mind because I dont bothered to check it, I just continue my life as usual. Went to work everyday, yes people I work as a part timer cause right now i'm having my 3 months break. Away from classes and assignment. 
Eventhough my work just selling scarf on market, but seriously it is very exhausting. At the morning, we need to open the stalls, we have to bring out all the scarf and organize it nicely on rack, not 1 or 2 scarf but hundreds of it. During this month of raya, people would come abundantly to find matching tudung for their hari raya' s outfits. I mean lots of people, huge crowd for god's sake. I need to entertain every each of them. Of course at the end of the day, your body wont tolerate it anymore, you need to rest for a while or else you will faint and no other things mattered anymore. 
But no, at the end of the day, you need to put all the clutters that your customers made ruckus a while ago and not to mentioned, tons of it! After finishing all the scarf, you need to get ready to close the store and need to put back all the scarf into the space provided in the store. Yes, hundreds of it, AGAIN! 
That time, I dont know I was pregnant. I tried to do pregnancy test 2 times earlier but it shows no effect. Negative. DEVASTATED.
 Just some crappy tester my husband bought at the drugstore. 
No, I am pregnant. I need to check! So I went to the drugstore again with friends, buy the tester myself just to satisfy my curiosity, and try it as soon as I can. 
Alhamdulillah, double line. You dont know how happy I am during that time. 
So the next morning, I went to the general hospital with my BFF aka shazlin to confirm the status of my baby. I cant wait, I was so into putting a lot of high expectation over my baby.
So thats it, my baby now is safe inside my belly. 7 weeks old. I wrote this as I hope that he or she will read this one day. The story about her or him.
Mummy loves you, baby. With all my heart. 

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