Wednesday, 1 July 2015


for quite some time, i was thinking to capture again moments with my wedding dress. 
apparently this is not taken during my wedding day because the makeup look is not the same with this look. 
yes people, i makeup myself. 
for that, i save 2 hundred bucks for not hiring professional makeup artist. 

this look? i made a try and error look with my beauty products. You can see my previous entry where I posted a video on youtube showing tutorial on how i wear my everyday makeup. Basically, I just wear moisturizer and bb cream. But lately, I love to add bling bling over my eye crease. It was called eyeshadow people. 

My brow is always on point so I rarely made adjustment or wear eyebrow pencil. For me, it is already perfect alhamdulillah. Right after this Im thinking to do drugstore beauty products look. What do you say? 

Eyeshadow- Nyx Cosmetics Smokey Eye Palette \ Brown base and Black colour under its crease
Highlighter- Beam Benefits in Pinky shade
Blusher- Contouring Palette by Na Cosmetics
Lipstick- Avon Pink Butter 


  1. Best of luck kak lily sayang!
    Be a good wife like Khadijah r.a and aisyah r.a :)

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