Monday, 14 December 2015


Salam love, I know right. I haven't blog for really a decade. I don't have any new updates for you guys since I rarely go out taking some real interesting OOTD pictures. I was thinking to snap a very special OOTD post for the sake of updating my blog per day. This time around, a lot of outfits will get involved! I will try to keep updated a blog post a day for this special series under le hashtag #stylethebump but I afraid that it will take a longer time to prep since I dont have time right now. I am currently busy with final exam which only around the corner and I seriously haven't start my revision yet because until this very final week, I still have discussion, presentation, assignment submission.

Finger crossed ladies, I really am busy with my tight schedule as student and new life ahead as mom to be. A lot need to think of. I really am trying to jiggle my life to focus on these important part of my life. I realised that if I dont have any blogpost in a week, my readers will started to get bored and I will lost my views. Plus, another thing is, my husband are rarely here in KL since he made decision to stay at viscaria pictures studio in Kelantan. So, it is very FRUSTRATING to snap any decent OOTD.

Last but not least, I hope you can bear with me, keep supporting me as a blogger because without you guys, I will be demotivated to keep on blogging since my views will get lesser each day. From the bottom of my heart, I love you my readers!

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