Tuesday, 5 January 2016


hello loves!

this post might be a little BIT different from my others, but I hope you guys love it. and i know its very late for new year count down. i figured that i would share with you all the reminders i wrote to myself for the new year. HERE are my new years resolutions. i hope this help you get to know me a little better or serve as good reminders for you as well. i spend a big time to write this as i scroll the word deep into my mind & heart. 

okay the first one is, say more of inspirational quotes into your life! when you are anxious, when you are sad when you are frustrated. repeat them all over & over until it seep into your skin, your soul and they muted out the rest of the world until you find peace & serenity! 

speak more kindly! or don't speak at all. silence in between the space of anger, is wisdom! spend a little more space on you, take more relaxing bath and listens to beautiful songs. maybe just a little thing can help you freed yourself from all the cruelty & hardships in life. ignore the rest of outside world as it is okay to be selfish once in a while. have courage & be kind! try to learn to be outside of your comfort zone sometimes, take the chances & learn new things! say hello to people. i find this quite intimidating to engage with new contacts everyday as you get to share small talks with them. 

be brave! and surround your world with beautiful things. find the word that fired up your energy, print them all up, hang them up or paste it on your wall. you don't need a reason to do anything in your life and you don't need to explain yourself to anyone. do it because you want to, because it fun because it makes you happy. 

breathe. the world will keep on spinning whether you still submit the work on deadline or you dont post a new blogpost! this might be a big reminder for me duh. go on more adventure! or better yet, find someone you get to be adventurous with! you are only human. you just one person. you can't make everyone happy or make them likes you. and that is okay. only bitter man have hateful feeling towards ordinary human who have beautiful soul. and most importantly, don't ever feel yourself as you are not good enough because your soul is the whole world. 
if i ever forget this, please remind me to check up on this everyday okay guys? good luck. 

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