Thursday, 28 July 2016

Dont Judge The Book By Its Cover

Dont under-estimate things from the outside. Simple but very powerful words with the meaning behind it. This update about my fondness over vintage item, it doesnt matter whether its a piece of cloth, a piece of metal or even a building. If its old, its vintage, still i valued it very much. My grandma, she owned this cupboard for 8 decades already since she is 100 years old HEHE, what is so special about that cupboard? i found that it is originally belonged to my father who hand-crafted the dresser. Its his first time for doing wood carvings teached by my late grandfather. Due to the facts that the dresser is antique, its vintage, its also means everything to me for the story behind it. Its valued. and sentimental. 
I know that this story isnt well connected to the picture at all, but the car was bomb right? So i cant miss any opportunities taking some OOTD pictures with it.


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