Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Jakarta-Bandung 1st Day on AUGUSTUS 2016!

Hello loves! Thanks for visiting my blog! Today is an update about my journey to Jakarta-Bandung for 1st day arriving there. I will write up details on my itinerary for 5 days trip with different post. I travelled to Jakarta-Bandung with my bff, Syahira Nabila. This is my second time travelled outside my country Malaysia after going to Hatyai (Thailand) last year. I already book the ticket for one year earlier since Air Asia gave the promotion for travelling under low budget. Yes, everybody can fly now with Air Asia. Thanks Air Asia. I bought another ticket for going back to Malaysia from Bandung Airport. Although it have been bought separately, but I still manage to get cheaper price as low as MYR80 for round trip. 

Hello Jakarta!

Bakmi's GM for breakfast at the airport ;)
We arrived there early maybe around 8.30am because we took an early flight to Jakarta, I want to watch the sunrise from up there but the aeroplanes took a very long time to depart. As soon as we arrived there, we bought a telco sim card first. You can get the sim card at the Jakarta airport for 90,000rp. It will be easier for you to access the Internet, google the place and calling your loved ones. Besides that, having a TELKOMSEL will assist you to call for taxi drivers such as Uber. Mind that, Uber apps is very highly recommended for you to download as if it will save you a lot of money for using domestic cars or usual taxi. Uber taxi charge you minimal amount of money when you use their services as Jakarta is well-known with their bad traffic congestion.


We took this bus DAMRI to go to central jakarta which is Tanah Abang, it is near to train station. We choose to stay at a hotel which is not far for the train station because it will be easier for us to hop on the train when we want to go to Bandung after staying at Jakarta for 2 days. I will post a new entry day 3 at Jakarta soon, so keep an eye on that okay? hehehe.

the view when we are on the bus!

the reason why I choose to stay at central Jakarta also because of this Tugu Monas. I wanted to visit this place as if it is a recognition I have visited jakarta during my lifetime sort of. But unfortunately, Monas is closed on Monday which is the day we went there. So I provide you the information on what time Monas is open to visit.

very friendly officer who showed us the way to the monas ;)
My slow travel buddy hehe but I love her ;) we always gaduh along the journey

Stopped at Indo-Maret to find WIFI. I suggest you to do a lot of research first before going on travel especially if you are travelling alone. I already search some place and do my own research but we still lost track on what we want to do and where we want to go. We failed to gauge on real cost of transportation there but luckily we have UBER, at least we can save some money for transportation. Indo-maret is EVERYWHERE in Jakarta or even Bandung, our next pitstop. This convenience store sell various of miscellaneous items such as drinks, snacks just like we have 7E in Malaysia. 

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