Friday, 24 February 2017



I felt so happy today, its like this world belong to me, the feeling like i got nothing to be responsible for, the feeling like I dont hv any problem in life. Its true that small thing can make you happy tho. I write this blogpost while listening to SCARLET HEART RYEO OST, I put the link down below in case you are interested to listen to the song, its soothing tho, really girls trust me

We had a simple outing yesterday, looking for my flat shoes, Im thinking to buy a suede material for my shoes but I ended choosing for bling one, its blue, its cute, its bling haha. I hv showed you my blue flat shoes in my vlog hehe, just a mini haul along with the patches bought at KAISON for RM1.50 only. I think I want to put the patches on my jacket or doing DIY videos on my YOUTUBE channel soon. Back to the story, me and my girl, Cik Aiman stopped by at the Asia Food Deli corner at KL Fest shoppping mall. KL Fest is situated at Setapak, we went there because it is near with my university, dear IIUM. Everytime I go to KL Fest I never know that this place is exist, funny tho haha.

happy face dapat makan!

We choose this stall called Wild Basil Western St. This place got other stalls selling for Indonesian Food, Japanese, Singaporean food but we ended choosing western dishes as Syaza craving for Carbonara. I picked Grilled Chicken with sausage. Just a regular chicken chop, nothing to talk about. Quite tasty but just so-so level. However, Syaza's carbonara she said that it is sedap & very affordable, the portion also fit with the price. Its okay then as long as we can eat haha because we are very hungry already.


This Ais Kacang? We dont finished it because it is very SWEEEEEEEEET! We can only taste the sugar but not the ais kacang itself (you get what i mean or not) hahaha, the sweetness makes the flavour disappeared.

this might be RABBIT?

After eat, we go to KAISON for a while to find rugs for my compartment but I dont like the design & I dont buy it hahaha. Then, on our way to the car, we stopped by at KEDAI BINATANG (I forgot already whats the name of this kedai hahaha. But..but dont you agree that this dog was very CUTE? so kawaiiiiiiiiii! AND lastly, kami balik UIAM hahaha that is all for this post. BTW, I miss YOU guys its long ago I have a proper update right? sorry for not writing this long. THANKS for reading this post, I HEART YOUH! BYE-BYE!

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