Thursday, 20 April 2017


Hi lovelies! I went to The Kitchen cafe last week at Quill Mall. The food hmm I gave them 6/10 yep just average score because it is not that tasty. Unlike the korean food love it to maxxxxxxxxx. Oh I also went to Dubuyo one week before this week but I dont hv many pics to post so thats why I dont post anything for quite some time. 

We ordered nasi goreng one set just for RM9 including beverages. Affordable price but the food is not that wow. FOOD is for pleasure so it doesnt mind if it is pricey as long as it is sedap to eat kan? who is agree with me? I finished the nasi goreng but my friend, no. That nasi goreng missing spicy element in it or maybe they could provide some sambal along with it. Dinner for that day is good I can eat it. 

missing my baby kisin 

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